Growth Mindset 24/7

How to Build a Culture of Resilience & Growth in Schools

Difficult Times Require a Growth Mindset

There are three attributes that every student carries with them: Intelligence, Attitudes, and Behaviors.  At a time of enduring crisis, even the most stalwart children may have a difficult time maintaining a positive outlook.  

We developed Growth Mindset 24/7 to help individuals build the habits that drive the Attitudes of a Growth Mindset.  In this webinar, we will review how the Growth Mindset can be a strong tool to engage students and shift their focus from what is lost toward a future that is bright.  Growth Mindset 24/7 will help them develop the skills to know when they are in a negative place and the tools to get them out.  Attitudes dive Behaviors.  Behaviors drive Attitudes.  Join us for a 1-hour webinar on Growth Mindset 24/7, a System of Habits to Build and Maintain a Growth Mindset.

A Brief Overview:

  • What is a Growth Mindset
  • How Attitudes Work Together
  • Resiliency through Grateful
  • The Role of An Envisioned Future
  • Accountability Over Negativity
  • The Power of Connections

The webinar is free to Educators and for Educators as we work together to guide our youth through a national trauma. 

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