Growth Mindset 24/7 Public Workshop

The Summit in Fort Wayne IN
October 28, 2020

Growth Mindset 24/7

Your Mindset is a set of Attitudes that guide how you see the world.  There are two mindsets – The Growth Mindset and The Fixed Mindset. You are born with neither and they are both learned.

One will drive you toward exceptional outcomes and the other will take you down a path of stasis.  Our Mindset is built from our beliefs and our experiences.  As they evolve over time, so can our Mindset.  You can transition from Passionate and Inspiring to Disinterested and Stationary and not even know you have done it.


Growth Mindset 24/7 is a system of habits, actual behaviors, that you use to condition your mind to transition to and stay in a Growth Mindset.  The Attitudes are accretive and intertwined.  The foundation is Grateful and the pinnacle is Opportunistic.

But a Growth Mindset is beyond personal growth; it includes professional growth that enables you to lead your organization to exceptional performance.  In our workshops we work through and train in the habits that can create and feed the Attitudes of Growth.  

These are tools you can use when you catch yourself slipping or when you are lacking energy, you can actually energize yourself.  Here is our agenda and what you can expect.


5 Outcomes To Expect from a Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset for an individual is powerful, for an organization it is culturally the pinnacle of performance.  Here is what you can expect:

  1. End of BCD (Blame, Complain, Defend) – the Growth Mindset is Accountable – no more blaming, complaining and defending – individuals take ownership of their work
  2. Higher Customer Satisfaction – The Growth Mindset is constantly generating positive Outcomes and will create new and innovative ways to serve customers.  
  3. Higher Sales and Profits – The Growth Mindset is Opportunistic – deals that might slip away are suddenly feasible by changing how you approach revenues and profits to acquire, retain and up-sell customers.
  4. Higher Employee Engagement – a culture of a Growth Mindset is mind-blowingly fun – it creates positive energy and the organization is fully aligned to growth from the receptionist to the corner office.
  5. Reduced Costs in Hiring – people WANT to work there – they will find you because your Culture of Growth executes flawlessly and has a clear future vision others want to be a part of.

Growth Mindset 24/7 Public Workshop Agenda and Insight Into the Power of Our Attitudes

8:00 AMCheck In & Continental Breakfast
8:30 AMWelcome & Opening
8:45 AMGrowth Mindset 24/7 Overview
9:00 AMGrowth Mindset Attitude: Grateful
10:00 AMGrowth Mindset Attitude: Giving
10:45 amBREAK
11:00 AMGrowth Mindset Attitude: Passionate
12:45 PMGrowth Mindset Attitude: Inspiring
1:45 PMGrowth Mindset Attitude: Connected
2:45 PMGrowth Mindset Attitude: Accountable
3:45 PMGrowth Mindset Attitude: Opportunistic
4:45 PMClosing Statements
stop driving away image

How to STOP Driving Away Good Employees

Employees want more than money – they want valued and included. Create a Culture of Growth with engagement and empowerment built from Growth Mindset 24/7. Better Engagement = Better Revenues, Profits & Productivity.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Growth Mindset 24/7 workshop fee is $500

  • Continental Breakfast & Lunch
  • Comfortable Work Environment
  • Customized Workbook
  • 7.5 hours of exploring Growth Mindset 24/7
  • Private Networking



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