Growth Mindset 24/7 is a system of Habits that drive Attitudes to align organizations toward accelerated growth and performance. Get started on the path to Growth with Mindset 24/7.

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Where are the Opportunists?

You Can Alter Your Life by Altering Your Thinking

In today’s environment it is more important than ever for organizations to be agile and able to adapt to rapidly shifting macro-environment variables.  Agile organizations are surviving the pandemic and thriving with a culture of a Growth Mindset.  Growth Mindset 24/7 is a system of Habits that drive the attitudes to create an agile, and opportunistic organization that seizes on adversity and builds growth.
The Growth Mindset is comprised of four competencies:

  1. Influencing – the ability to reach across an organization to align it toward growth.  Influencing is networked authority not positional authority.
  2. Engaging – the ability to engage and connect with individuals and teams to find the motivation and inspire their passion for growth.
  3. Learning – the ability to problem solve and learn about people, systems, processes and how they all contribute to growth.
  4. Investing – the ability to spend time and personal capital developing relationships that can focus on delivering growth.
Our system works to develop Habits of Growth Minded executives to help them align the organization to Growth.  Our solution is delivered through workshops, executive coaching and assessment tools that evaluate how individuals adopt the habits and develop the attitudes of growth.  Growth Mindset 24/7 is a powerful tool that engages organizations, looks for positive outcomes and enables leaders to press organizations to exceptional levels of performance.

What Can My Organization Expect?

A Growth Mindset is a singularly powerful view on the World – everything is an Opportunity.  Here’s what your organization can expect:

  • Improved productivity from a reduction in blaming others, complaining about others, and defending themselves.  The Growth Mindset is Accountable and puts and end to BCD.
  • Increased customer satisfaction from a focus on positive Outcomes.  The Growth Mindset focuses on identifying the best Outcomes for the organization and that includes customers.
  • Increased employee engagement through empowerment.  The Growth Mindset does not micromanage, it hires competent people, improves their skills through giving and sharing and empowers them to act and do their job.
  • Reduced hiring costs as the Growth Mindset creates a culture of positive attitudes and behaviors.  People will WANT to work with your organization, not have to.
  • Higher sales and profits as the Growth Mindset is enabled and empowered to growth the business, take calculated risks and push the organization to exceptional performance.
The Growth Mindset is not just for leaders, it’s a way of doing business.  Once instilled across the organization your hiring practices improve, costs drop and revenues and profits rise from better alignment on goals and a future vision for the organization.

Nothing is More Powerful than a Positive Attitude

Personal skills drive Professional skills that lead to better performance.  Likewise, Personal attitudes can affect your Professional attitudes in a negative way and hold you, your team or your organization back.  We teach you habits to help you get out of the Fixed Mindset and move to the Growth Mindset and how to recognize when you slip and how to get back.  Here’s what you can expect:


Mindset 24/7 360 Evaluations


Before the workshop we will survey your organization and you to assess your outlook on your attitudes. The survey information will be merged into your custom workbook so you can build skill as we go and work with the feedback provided. The first step is Grateful for the Feedback!


Mindset 24/7 Workshops


Our building blocks are workshops that begin training Habits that drive the Attitudes for Growth. Attitudes are learned and unlearned through Habits. We build Habits that drive a mind focused on Growth.


Mindset 24/7 Executive Coaching


Unlearning old habits is harder than learning new ones. Executive Coaching and digital tools are used to help Individual Build healthy Habits focused personal and professional growth and a more open Mindset.


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How to STOP Driving Away Good Employees

Employees want more than money – they want valued and included. Create a Culture of Growth with engagement and empowerment built from Growth Mindset 24/7. Better Engagement = Better Revenues, Profits & Productivity.

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Growth Mindset Athletics

Athletics and The Growth Mindset

Why do some teams always seem to have an inherent advantage over other teams? Greater talent level? Better conditioning? Get all the breaks and lucky bounces? While sometimes each of these factors plays a part in who ultimately wins, it’s a small percentage of the time. Instead, the winner much more frequently is determined by which team had a more effective mindset.

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The Growth Mindset is THE difference in success and opportunity and stationary slow growth.  Building an organizational culture of Growth requires an organization with a shared Mindset on Growth and Growth Mindset 24/7 can help build leaders who set culture to drive a culture of positive outcomes for your organization.

Our workshops are on-site, virtual and held around the country in public settings. The Growth Mindset is the fuel for building a stronger Influential Leaders and managing better Behaviors with First Response.  The Growth Mindset sets your attitude that powers personal and professional growth.  Contact Mindset 24/7 today and let’s get on a path to growth.

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