First Response is the Discipline of building the best possible Response in any Situation to get the best possible Outcome. If you want Better Outcomes you are going to have to give a Better Response. S+R=O.

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How to be More Productive?


S + R = O | The Discipline of First Response

First Response is the Discipline of building the best possible Response in any Situation to get the best possible Outcome.  An Event is a “thing that happens.”   But the Situation puts the Event into Context,  and the gravity of the Situation is assessed with Situational Awareness that can impact the Response and the Outcome. 

The Growth Mindset plays a powerful role in S+R=O because it sets your Attitudes that impact your Perceptions, Beliefs and Experiences.  And the Growth Mindset is constantly focused on gaining positive Outcomes.

First Response has four Disciplines:

  1. Stop & Listen – Every situation is different and your Attitudes and perception can drive a hasty Response.  Stop & Listen, get the Situation right .
  2. Assess the Situation – The Context of a Situation is your Perceptions, Beliefs and Experiences.  The Mindset Cycle uses Self Talk to walk through the combinations.
  3. Identify Outcomes – Once the Situation is understood, the Mindset Cycle goes after Outcomes derived from Beliefs and Experiences and the Opportunistic Attitudes of the Growth Mindset.
  4. Respond with Discipline – The Growth Mindset will steer toward an Outcome that offers a solution, is productive and makes a difference to the organization.  The Response is measured and delivered with Discipline.
Situations are often driven by our Perceptions and Attitudes.  The Growth Mindset is loaded with positive attitudes and often produces an exceptional Response that is aligned with the purpose and goals of the organization and an envisioned future.

Growth Mindset is the Fuel, Self Talk is the Engine

Self Talk is your mind working through information and identifying what you perceive, what you believe and what you have experienced.  The Growth Mindset is birthed from experiences and your values and guides the Self Talk to better Outcomes.  The system of First Response can be applied in any situation to address any issue regardless of the gravity of the situation.  It is the key to driving productive Growth and positive outcomes on daily, weekly and important occasions.  


Mindset 24/7 360 Evaluations


Before the workshop we will survey your organization and you to assess how you respond to a variety of Situations. You will also be scored on the Growth Mindset and the information drives personal insights in the workshops where you build skill.


Mindset 24/7 Workshops


Our Training Workshop for First Response are situation oriented to our audience and relate daily, occassional and important Situations to work through the process of identifying best Outcomes. Buidl skills in Self Talk and focus on Growth.


Mindset 24/7 Executive Coaching


Our Executive Coaching is offered in group and individual settings to develop skills in managing Response. Often, the biggest step is the first one - Stop & Listen. Our tools and techniques will help you improve Response and earn better Outcomes.



First Response is a critical skill set both personally and professionally whee you tame your instincts and let your mind take control.  First Response is a difference maker in your leadership style and presence and your ability to make sound decisions with a thoughtful, disciplined manner.  First Response will make you more productive.  First Response will make your team more productive.  First Response drives customer satisfaction.  First Response drives employee engagement.  First Response drives better deals and revenues.  First Response is opportunistic and will change the culture of your organization.

If you are ready to learn to Respond with Discipline we are ready to put you on the journey to better Outcomes through Better Response.  Contact Mindset 24/7 today.

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