Our Executive Coaching is key to our system. Executive Coaching builds from performance assessments and focuses on incremental improvements to make the biggest impacts.



Mindset 24/7 Executive Coaching is part of of our system after initial assessments, training, and secondary assessments complete.  We identify where leaders are within our systems and then train them on the systems and wait for the next assessment to identify change.  This process of assessment, training, assessment, coaching embeds the solutions into the organization and drives leaders to build better attitudes and behaviors.  What to expect:

  1. Topic Driven – Our Executive Coaching uses specific habits and disciplines from a 360° feedback to drive leaders to improve and give them guidance on how to better engage and lead organizations.  We don’t revisit the entire solution, just areas of improvement.
  2. Mentoring – We will work with clients to identify strengths and areas of improvement for each leader.  We will also provide a recommendation on cross-leader mentoring to have your organization develop skills and behaviors together.
  3. Intervention Coaching  – Sometimes our clients need help with a leader or team underperforming.  We will provide  an intervention coaching solution to get leaders to raise their performance to acceptable levels.  Mentoring, guiding, and evaluating along the way.

Our Executive Coaching is offered to groups with similar improvement needs and we can deliver virtually, on-site, individually, and in team settings.will 

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Executive Coaching takes place in a variety of means: 1-to-1; 1-to-group; virtual, on-site, and even peer-to-peer.  Our Executive Coaching services are designed to focus on gaps in performance and address them head-on as professional advisors and trainers.  Building the habits of a Growth Mindset and the skills of Influential Leadership take time, repetition and practice.  Everyone has gaps and everyone needs coaching from time to time. We make the coaching accessible, affordable, and actionable to help improve results and employee performance and contribution.

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