Productivity is driven by automation and human performance. Mindset 24/7 offers training services to deliver our signature solutions: Growth Mindset, First Response and Influential Leadership. The Growth Mindset 24/7 is the fuel to both First Response and Influential Leadership. The imperative for growth today is to have culture that accepts and extolls the Growth Mindset as a way of doing business. Our training services enable organizations to build leaders armed with a Growth Mindset 24/7 and primed to lead the way forward in prosperity and productivity.


Mindset 24/7 360+  is a performance assessment tool suite that allows leaders to have actual feedback from peers, supervisors, subordinates, vendors and clients in the workbooks during the workshops. The objective is to work through the training and reference the feedback where leaders are exceptional and need additional work. There is an assessment for each of our solutions for the leaders to understand the work to be done to improve Growth Mindset, Influential Leadership and First Response in an organization.


Mindset 24/7 Training Services work leaders through Growth Mindset 24/7 and First Response in single day sprints.  Influential Leadership is a 3-day workshop immersed in developing the Principles of Influential Leadership: Engagement, Performance and Influence.  Our services include:

  • On-Site Workshops – intensive interactive training sessions on your campus.
  • Virtual Workshops – intensive half day sessions with homework.
  • Public Workshops – discover the fundamentals of the training program and the value to your organization in a cost effective workshop.


Mindset 24/7 offers on-going Executive Coaching to develop exceptional leaders in your organization. The Executive Coaching can be one-on-one sessions or small group (3-5) individuals to work through the Principles of Influential Leadership, Growth Mindset 24/7 Habits or the Disciplines of First Response.  Executive Coaching options include:

  • Virtual Coaching – one-on-one or small groups working on specific skills and habits
  • On-Site Coaching – on premise coaching for individuals to work on development issues or to refine and improve strengths in skills and habits
  • On-Site Group Coaching – on premise small group coaching to work on development issues for individuals or teams with Growth Mindset, First Response and Influential Leadership

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