Utility Services

Customization Services for Utility Providers

At Mindset 24/7 we know the difference between teams and crews, foremen and leaders.   The attitudes of a Growth Mindset create exceptional crew leaders and foremen because the foundation of the Growth Mindset is in Gratitude and Giving.  There are few markets where more is asked of a crew than in utility services.  The nature of the work includes potential bodily harm to crews and foremen and there are few roles where Leadership and Behavior are more important.  

Our Solutions enable you to improve Safety through better behavior and communications, reduce incident rates and make sure every crewman goes home at night.  Here is how we customize our solutions for utility services:

Influential Leadership

Building leaders who can work across organizations during routine service and periods of emergency enable your crews and leaders to control safety, manage the environment and deliver faster service without incident.

First Response

The Disciplines of First Response: Stop & Listen; Assess the Situation; Identify Outcomes; and Respond with Discipline enable better, deliberate communications among crews, foremen, dispatch and other organizations. Clarity is key to get the Response right the First time.


Formen with a Growth Mindset are deeply connected to their crews and other foremen. Their passion and expertise is deep and broad and they hold others to account as they do themselves. The Growth Mindset delivers better safety, better outcomes and better service.

Customized Training

Our trainers for Utility Services know their way around three phase reclosers, substation equipment and line socks, terminators and connectors.  They are experienced in OSHA operating standards and have experience working with linemen, foremen and crews.  They apply leadership, mindset and response behaviors to your specific business needs and situations to optimize the adoption of better leadership in your organization.

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