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The education of our children is the most noble profession and is a greater imperative as America falls behind in educational outcomes.  Mindset 24/7 is dedicated to helping Educators turn the tide on leadership, behavior and mindset in education.  Our solutions are as valuable to teachers, faculty and staff as they are to the students themselves.  First Response uses a Mindset Cycle to assess a situation and identify the best outcome before rendering a response.  This is Cognitive Flexibility that is part of the executive function of humans.  Cognitive Flexibility matures around the age of 11.  Educating children on HOW to Respond to any Situation arms them with skills to stop bullying, improve test performance, engage other students in fruitful dialog and perform better on the field, in the classroom and at home.

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We have a variety of services for our Primary & Secondary Education customers. We offer affordable system installations to help you build a culture of Growth in your school. A system installation is a three year time frame of assessment, training and coaching.


Growth Mindset 24/7 is a single day intensive workshop to teach you the habits that build the Attitudes of a Growth Mindset. The Growth Mindset is a powerful fuel for leadership and behavior focused on achieving positive outcomes.


Through the course of the school year, Mindset 24/7 will provide executive coaching sessions to facilitate adoption of Growth Mindset 24/7 and support your adoption of the content and customization for your students.


The First Response training workshop is a 1-day intensive immersion in the Disciplines of Response: Stop & Listen; Assess the Situation; Identify Outcomes; and Respond with Discipline. This tool is the most effective tool for achieving better Outcomes with Better Response the First time.


Through the course of the second year, Mindset 24/7 will provide Executive Coaching to facilitate adoption of First Response and help educators build plans they can customize to the students, parents and staff.


Influential Leadership combines Growth Mindset 24/7 with First Response and helps you build the habits of a networked leader. Your leadership authority comes from connecting with students, staff, faculty, administrators and parents. Armed with a Growth Mindset, Influential Leadership will thrive on your passion for educating.


Mindset 24/7 will provide on-going executive coaching as you master Influential Leadership and build a network of people in your school aligned to the goals and purpose of better student engagement and better student outcomes.


Prior to our Training Workshop we assess your teachers, faculty and staff on our Solutions beginning with Growth Mindset 24/7. The results from the assessment are inserted into custom workbooks used in workshops.


After completing the training workshop, Mindset 24/7 provides you with a collection of Lesson Plans, curricula and video tutorials to help you build a Growth Mindset among your students in the classroom.


Year 2 will bring the pre-training assessment for First Response. First Response is fueled by Growth Mindset 24/7 and powered by Self Talk. First Response is the discipline of building better responses for better outcomes.


After completing the workshop, Mindset 24/7 provides a complete set of lesson plans for Grades K-12 to enable classroom instruction and the development of Cognitive Flexibility in students. They will learn to think before responding and deliver better Responses.


Year 3 brings a game changing leadership development effort in Influential Leadership. Our assessment produces a customized workbook on Influential Leadership in order to maximize the efficiency of the training workshops.


Every school has them, there are students who are already influencing others for good or bad. IL will give you the tools to challenge students to build networks of students to improve results, drive engagement and lead themselves with a Growth Mindset and First Response.


The final phase of our training is to train a certified trainer for your organization. We encourage a educators to include one student from each grade in the training so that they can learn the habits and disciplines of Growth Mindset 24/7, First Response and Influential Leadership.

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We offer a wide variety of service for our Education clients including access to our Education Resource Center.  The Mindset 24/7 ERC is dedicated solely to educators and is a social forum to exchange ideas, lesson plans, tips, techniques, videos, presentations and other materials with educators across the country.  All of the content in the ERC is free for educators and you can pick up discounted public workshops, look at coaching with Mindset 24/7 and find affordable merchandise for your students and families.  Our Mindset 24/7 ERC Blog will be updated weekly with our content and featured educators from across the country.

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