Industrial Manufacturing

Customization Services for Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing has a host of leadership differences that are important to understand when we bring Growth Mindset 24/7, First Response, and Influential Leadership to the organization.  Working with organized labor, working with hierarchical structures and working with safety and environmental compliance issues.  We tailor our solutions to the specific needs of industrial manufacturing clients including flexing around the time for implementation and working with floor leaders to build better communications and behavior while continuing to get results.

Whether your goals are increasing safety and lowering incident rates; building leaders who can lead across organizations without authority; or improving production line productivity, our solutions can be molded to fit your needs.



Our Assessment platform has a specific solution for industrial manufacturers to understand performance: Mindset 24/7 360+

Executive Coaching

Introducing change is a two-way street of engaging with new ways of thinking and working and aligning those tools to the needs of leaders.


Our workshops are on-site and often on the shop floor to establish use cases for better Response and Positive Outcomes.

Virtual Training

Mastering new skills require dedication and time, our Virtual Training platform allows leaders to learn new skills on their own schedule.

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Our Training services are customized to your specific needs.  Our Assessments are all digitally produced and customized to each leader.  We can support English and Spanish versions of the Assessments and Workbooks for the training to make adoption easier for employees.  Our Assessment services identify communication and performance gaps derived from feedback from peers, supervisors, and subordinates to help leaders improve.  Our coaching can be either group, individual or team to fit your needs.  

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