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Growth Mindset 24/7 | Where are The Opportunists?

Confidence is about WE. Arrogance is about ME. Find out how the Growth Mindset is the hallmark of the Good Opportunists.

If you have a Growth Mindset you are probably wondering, “When did Opportunistic become a dirty word?”




  1. exploiting chances offered by immediate circumstances without reference to a general plan or moral principle.

Why does being Opportunistic have to be “without reference to a general plan or moral principle?”   I say, tough beans, we are taking the word back.

Opportunism is at the pinnacle of Growth Mindset 24/7 – our system of habits to build the Attitudes that drive Growth.  Opportunism for the sake of yourself is normally not good; it usually entails stepping on others to get what you want.  Good for results, but unsustainable in the long run.


3 Principles of Influential Leadership


Influential Leaders lead with three simple principles: Engagement, Performance and Influence.  But the core of her guidance on engagement and performance is an Envisioned Future.  Influential Leaders are armed with a Growth Mindset and opportunism is certainly one of the attitudes.  But the nature of the Growth Mindset is that in order to achieve self-actualization, the Growth Mindset must connect with others.  Those connections are deep, authentic, personal and professional.  They enable the Influential Leader to show the way forward and trust the organization to execute.


The foundation of the Growth Mindset is set in the Attitude of Grateful.  If you are Grateful for what you have, who you have and what you have experienced, it enables you to share that with others which is the next tier of the Attitudes – Giving.


The Growth Mindset is Giving, generally of time, talent and treasure, to people she connects with even if they are not on her direct team.  The Growth Mindset nurtures relationships through Giving and sharing with everyone.  The Attitude of Giving through sharing leads to demonstrating the next Attitude – Passionate.

The Growth Mindset is Passionate about her work and the journey she is on.  She shares her passion for work, fun, learning and winning with everyone along the way; even to the point of showing how others play a role in her journey.  Passionate people can be infectious in a good or bad way.  In a good way, her passion moves to the next Attitude of Inspiring.  In a bad way, her Passion pushes people away because it is either not genuine or it is all “about me” and not “about we.” 


Confidence is about WE.  Arrogance is about ME.


The Growth Mindset is Inspiring both professionally and personally because the Growth Mindset is extremely confident in herself and others.  Her experiences of success and her learning from failures to achieve even greater success inspire others to work with her and follow her.  Her Growth Mindset also comes from her vision for the future.  A Growth Mindset consciously works on the current purpose and goals for an organization with one eye always toward laying the foundation for a big future for everyone.  


An Inspiring Growth Mindset creates Connections with people and teams very quickly.  The outgoing nature and positive attitude backed up by successful experiences enable her to connect to people on a personal and professional level.  These connections drive performance – people work harder, more intelligently, and more fervently for people they know and trust.


The connections made from the Growth Mindset are engendered by Trust – the Growth Mindset leader holds herself Accountable for what she does, what you do, and what we do together.  That level of Accountability cements the connections and lays the groundwork for measured risk-taking.


The Accountable nature of the Growth Mindset leads her to be Opportunistic.  She seeks opportunities that either meet the current purpose and goals for the organization or lay the groundwork for her envisioned future.  Opportunism is about teams and organizational respect.  The Growth Mindset at this point has attained Self Actualization and she is comfortable and confident with who she is and where she is going and the people coming on her journey.


Maslow Thought Opportunistic Was Self Actualization


The Growth Mindset mirrors Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the Attitudes are accretive in nature with a core foundation in Grateful.  If you ever run across a person who is producing excellent results and is a “go-getter” but is not grateful at all… most likely she is leaving a path of disenchantment in her wake.  She is achieving for herself on the backs of others and in the end, she may attain some personal goal but at a cost to the organization.  The Growth Mindset is about lifting the organization. When it is in place, it is a powerful, fast-moving culture that is aggressive, fun, energized, excited, learning, and profitable.  Opportunism for ME is NOT the Growth Mindset.  Opportunism is the permission given to a Self Actualized leader through the work she has put in to align the organization to an envisioned future and creating a powerful network along the way.  Let’s take the word Opportunistic back.


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