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Growth Mindset 24/7 | The Power of our Attitudes

The single driving force of human behavior are our Attitudes.  The Power of our Attitudes can lead us to exceptional performance or can lead us down a path of average or even subpar performance. Build Better Attitudes with Mindset 24/7

The single driving force of human behavior is our Attitudes.  The Power of our Attitudes can lead us to exceptional performance with a strong work ethic or can lead us down a path of average or even subpar performance.  Our Attitudes are fully in our control. They are guided by our behaviors and also guide our behaviors.  You choose your Attitudes and it will impact how you communicate and collaborate with others at work, home and play.

Your Attitudes will affect how you sell to others, how you serve others, how you manage and lead others.  Our collection of Attitudes are called a Mindset.  The people who have the best collection of Attitudes that generate positive Outcomes are generally going to win at work play and home.  This is the essence of the Growth Mindset – a set of positive Attitudes that shape your view on the world and enable you to achieve exceptional performance.

If you Alter Your Thinking, You Can Change Your Life

We have said this before and it is a seminal argument for Attitudes.  You are in control.  At times, anger, resentment, fear, envy – all are emotions that can alter our Attitudes.  But you can control your Attitudes with deliberate behaviors that change your view on the world.

The Attitudes of Growth

The Growth Mindset 24/7 is a collection of Attitudes that focus on being positive, enjoying life, enjoying your work, enjoying and learning and sharing with other people.  Grateful, Giving, Passionate, Inspiring, Connected, Accountable and Opportunistic.  The Attitudes of Growth align closely to the Hierarchy of Needs.  You can build the habits through outward behaviors and a Disciplined approach to your mind using Self Talk.

The Power of Self Talk

Self Talk is what it sounds like – those thoughts running around in your head that cast doubt or cast strength.  The thoughts that create fear, anxiety or withdrawal and the thoughts that build energy, enthusiasm and optimism.  You can control your thoughts by being Disciplined enough to know when your thoughts are negative and return them to positive.  Self Talk can be as simple as “I’m okay” or “I feel good” or “I can do this, I have done it before”  Self Talk is a powerful ally when you are conscious of it and you turn it to serve you.  Self Talk combined with a Growth Mindset is exceptionally powerful because your frame of reference on everything will be to look for the positive outcomes.

The Power of Self Talk and The Growth Mindset

Now imagine your Self Talk when you see or hear or feel something negative coming along.  A pandemic.  Unemployment.  Fear of the unknown.  The Growth Mindset looks at these and searches for positive outcomes.  A pandemic creates opportunities for organizations to thrive through generosity, innovation, support, nurturing and empathy.  The Growth Mindset is not beset by fear, it uses Self Talk to address the Situation and find the best outcomes.  S+R=O – Growth Mindset is the Fuel and Self Talk is the engine.  You can find positive outcomes everywhere you look.  Because you CHOOSE to do it.

The Fixed Mindset and Self Talk

The Fixed Mindset is also a collection of Attitudes: Static, Blameless, Disconnected,  Disinterested, Appropriating, Entitled, Stationary.  The Fixed Mindset can operate at an equally high level and dig in to negative Situations and find defeat.  It can find ways to be a victim and to fail. It can find ways to justify your Attitudes because the Situation is out of your control.

Behaviors for Building a Growth Mindset and Better Attitudes

  1. Always be Grateful – Stop & Reflect, Drop the Dead Weight, Look at People and Things as Gifts and Improve the Flexibility of your Thinking.
  2. Never Stop Giving – how you share your time, talent and treasure will bring you satisfaction and happiness and make others grateful.  Giving creates a cycle of Grateful which is a positive attitude.
  3.  Use your Passion – your perseverance, enthusiasm, confidence and self-belief are powerful tools to create powerful positive Energy and Outcomes.
  4.  Inspire others – grow from failure, do not let it drag you down, look for the positive outcome and learn.  Build courage progressively with small wins and be inspired by everyday behaviors. Above all else – be Authentic and work through your vision for yourself and others.
  5. Listen & Connect – listening is the beginning of understanding, you can transform a negative Situation to a positive Outcome by listening, connecting with others, collaborating and finding powerful solutions.
  6. Raise your Expectations –  expect more from yourself and you can ask more from others.  Build accountability as learning, be demanding but not demeaning.  Be Reliable and Responsive to others and your Attitude of Accountability to will increase.
  7. Build your Vision for You – most people have a vision for retirement, but do not have a vision for where they will be in 3, 4 or 45 years.  Build your vision for you, what you will be doing and what it takes to get there.  And then build your vision for your organization and do the same.  Having a vision and knowing where you are going boosts confidence and allows you to sort through Opportunities for the best Outcomes for you and your organization.

The Power of Attitudes in a Growth Mindset

It’s abundantly clear that if you want to raise your performance you are going to need to control your Attitudes.  Build a Growth Mindset, a system of Attitudes that are accretive in nature, they build upon each other.   Attitudes matter.  Attitudes are powerful – control yours, control your self-talk and build a Growth Mindset to serve your career and your organization.


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