How to STOP Driving Away Good Employees

Employees want more than money – they want valued and included. Create a Culture of Growth with engagement and empowerment built from Growth Mindset 24/7. Better Engagement = Better Revenues, Profits & Productivity.

Athletics and The Growth Mindset

Why do some teams always seem to have an inherent advantage over other teams? Greater talent level? Better conditioning? Get all the breaks and lucky bounces? While sometimes each of these factors plays a part in who ultimately wins, it’s a small percentage of the time. Instead, the winner much more frequently is determined by which team had a more effective mindset.

Growth Mindset 24/7 | The Grateful Habit of Pause & Reflect

The Growth Mindset is constantly learning, constantly active, constantly seeking opportunities and positive outcomes.  The Attitude of Grateful is the foundation of Growth and it requires us, every now and then, to Pause & Reflect.

Growth Mindset 24/7 | The Power of our Attitudes

The single driving force of human behavior are our Attitudes.  The Power of our Attitudes can lead us to exceptional performance or can lead us down a path of average or even subpar performance. Build Better Attitudes with Mindset 24/7

10 Behaviors to Escape the Fixed Mindset

The Fixed Mindset is learned by your beliefs and experiences and drives your behaviors. Reverse course and use these 10 behaviors to Escape a Fixed Mindset alter your thinking and change your life.

Growth Mindset | The Grateful Habit of Dropping Dead Weight

A Growth Mindset that is Grateful does an excellent job dropping dead weight in your mind. We all carry dead weight with us, things we slip into our mental backpack and carry around with us. It’s time to drop it.

Growth Mindset 24/7 | Where are The Opportunists?

Confidence is about WE. Arrogance is about ME. Find out how the Growth Mindset is the hallmark of the Good Opportunists.

Growth Mindset | Every Person is a Leader

Every Person is a Leader. But you cannot lead others until you can lead yourself. Leading yourself is establishing the personal habits that drive professional habits which drive performance.

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