Disciplined Behaviors | How to Find the Root of Your Excuses

In order to stop making excuses, you have to find out the root of your excuses.  Excuses are often holding you back from your best performance.  Excuses keep you safe. Find out the Root of Your Excuses.

Disciplined Behaviors | How to Stop Making Excuses

After you Find the Root Causes of your Excuses, it’s now time to Stop Making Excuses.  Blaming, Complaining, and Defending leads to Excuses that can derail you personally and professionally. 

First Response | The Discipline of Stop & Listen

Situation + Response = Outcome (S+R=O) is a simple formula to approach Responding to any Situation with the discipline to get the best possible Outcome. If you want better outcomes, you have to give a Better Response.

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