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Disciplined Behaviors | How to Stop Making Excuses

After you Find the Root Causes of your Excuses, it’s now time to Stop Making Excuses.  Blaming, Complaining, and Defending leads to Excuses that can derail you personally and professionally. 

After you Find the Root Causes of your Excuses, it’s now time to Stop Making Excuses.  Blaming, Complaining, and Defending leads to Excuses that can derail you personally and professionally. 

The first step to Stop Making Excuses we will call the strength of AVOIDANCE


Avoid Making Comparison of yourself to others

A lot people compare themselves to others and have no idea who the other person actually is.  Social media exacerbates this and people who appear to be “all together” are often a train wreck.  Stop comparing yourself to others – focus on yourself.

Avoid Dwelling In the Past

We have already talked about Dropping the Dead Weight from your mind.  Dwelling in the past is like the Bruce Springstein song “Glory Days” where you are looking backwards instead of looking forward.  Your best days are ALWAYS in front of you if you have a Growth Mindset. 


There are times you need to step back and away from others constantly making excuses because they are teaching you the behaviors and attitudes of the Fixed Mindset.  Either join together in the START or step away from that downward spiral. 

The second step to Stop Making Excuses we will call getting to START

Start Asking Questions

My father told me that the answer to every single question that you never ask is always NO.  Never be afraid to ask questions.  Often, your need to ask questions comes from someone else lacking clarity in what they are saying.  Ask questions on new processes and procedures.  Ask questions on new customers and markets.  Ask questions when building new skills.  NEVER stop asking questions.  Learning is the key to understanding and learning comes from asking questions.

Start Seeking Positive Solutions & Outcomes

This is the Discipline of the Growth Mindset – the relentless pursuit of positive outcomes.  Seek positive outcomes from losses – every failure has a learning element involved.  Seek positive outcomes from ambiguity – every lack of clarity becomes an opportunity to grow.  Build the mental skill to think positively by finding a positive outcome from everything.  Positive thinking will alter your life.

Start Seeking New Challenges & Opportunities

Be not afraid – step forward and find new opportunities and be bold.  Opportunities all come with expectations.  Make sure you understand what those are in great detail and then lay out a plan to hit or exceed those expectations.  By laying a simple plan and timeline you can build skill quickly in winning new Opportunities and this is the path to Growth.

Start Building Confidence Through Small Wins

When you carry self-doubt, the best path forward is to grow from small wins.  Challenge yourself to simple things that you can personally control – a better diet, a walk around the block, dinner at a consistent time.  By racking up wins, your confidence will grow quickly and you will look for new and bigger challenges and have the skills to execute and win consistently.

Start Becoming More Accountable

Just as you build skill through small wins, build skill through slowly accepting accountability for yourself and your work.  Accountability can come from being consistently on time to work or to the gym or to consistently prepare meals.  Set your expectations and then meet or exceed them.  Once you can meet and exceed your expectations for yourself, you will be ready to meet and exceed expectations set by others.  And remember to ASK QUESTIONS when setting expectations – clarity is the key and as you become more responsive and reliable your stature as accountable will increase.  Do not fear being accountable for failures as long as you share the learning that comes from those failures.

Stop Making Excuses for your Attitudes and Behaviors.

Be patient with yourself – skills take repetitions to build.  Be optimistic and surround yourself with others who are optimistic – positive thoughts bring positive energy.  Build confidence through small wins and the bigger hills become much easier to climb.  And be persistent in stopping the excuses.  Perseverance will serve you well as you build mental toughness, an ability to evaluate yourself and others, and to leave making excuses a habit of the past.


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