About Mindset 24/7

Our Vision is to remake American Leadership with a Growth Mindset that engages and enables organizations to drive exceptional performance and exceptional outcomes.

The Rise of Influential Leadership

There is no greater imperative now than to improve the quality of American Leadership across the spectrum. 2020 has been a pivotal moment for the country and we are facing economic challenges foreign and domestic, cultural challenges and moral and ethical challenges. The era of hierarchical leadership is coming to an end. The era of influential leadership is beginning and it requires a Growth Mindset to earn permission to lead.

Influential Leadership is leading without authority across organizations to align individuals and teams to achieve the purpose and goals of the organization. The Influential Leader is on a journey to an envisioned future for the organization that is more prosperous driven by excellent performance and a Growth Mindset.

We are Mindset 24/7, an organization built with the sole purpose of developing superior leadership across the country.  This is accomplished by eliminating doubt and negativity in exchange for a Growth Mindset.  This is accomplished by leaders that influence and connect and do not step on and berate individuals to perform.  Connection is key to exceptional performance.  This is accomplished by improving our communication behaviors to be more thoughtful and mindful and allowing a Growth Mindset to power our Response to Situations and deliver better Outcomes.  This is S+R=O. 

We are on a journey to exceptional leadership – we look forward to bringing you along for the ride.

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